The tape archive of the former Free Music Production (FMP) comprises analogue and digital recordings from the years 1965 to 2000, the major part of them so far unpublished and - in the case of the multi-track recordings - unmixed.

However, to a large extent the different generations of original tape machines with their specific noise reduction systems for editing are available in the adjacent studio.

This allows stereo and multi-track recordings to be transferred on to digital tapes, thus maintaining their authenticity. Copying is urgently required since the analogue tapes, owing to their age and, in some cases their inferior quality, show considerable signs of damage.

This archive was and is an open archive. However, there is one serious restriction: Only the actual recorded musicians have access and entitlement to the recordings in this archive. This stipulation had the effect that, in the past, musicians have published their music from this archive on the most varied selection of labels and they continue to do so.

In this context, here are some examples for publications from the archive over the past years:

In the long-term the whole FMP-archive (recordings - press-cuttings - documentation) is supposed to be handed over to the Jazzinstitute Darmstadt after a period for collating the material. The Jazzinstitute is already in possession of the vinyl recordings of the FMP-Records/Uhlklang labels as well as the CDs of the existing label, all of them with the original inlay card, and the entire poster archive of the former Free Music Production (FMP).

Translation: Isabel Seeberg & Paul Lytton