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Machine Gun (3:23)
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The Peter Brötzmann Octet-1968


The Peter Brötzmann Octet-1968

Willem Breuker-tenor saxophone, bass clarinet;
Peter Brötzmann-tenor- & baritone saxophone;
Evan Parker-tenor saxophone;
Fred Van Hove-piano;
Peter Kowald-double bass;
Buschi Niebergall-double bass;
Han Bennink-drums;
Sven-Åke Johansson-drums

Recorded in May 1968 by Günther Zipelius at the Lila Eule in Bremen.
Mastered by Jonas Bergler.
Produced by Peter Brötzmann and Jost Gebers

Liner notes: Steve Lake/1985 & Miles/1968 (Beide nur in englisch)

1 Machine gun - second take (Brötzmann) - 14:57
2 Machine gun - third take (Brötzmann) - 17:13
3 Responsible-for Jan van de Ven - first take (Van Hove) - 10:00
4 Responsible-for Jan van de Ven - second take (Van Hove) - 8:12
5 Music for Han Bennink - first take (Breuker) - 11:22

BOOKLET: Design/Layout: Peter Brötzmann. Photos: Krista Brötzmann,
Peter Brötzmann, Paul-Gerhard Deker, Dagmar Gebers, Helmut Röder
REMARK: New CD edition/compilation of the LP FMP 0090 plus two
alternate takes, on basis of the original recording tapes.
REMARK: Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD: Crown. All Music Guide: 5 Stars
REMARK: Reissued by Atavistic (ALP262CD) plus bonus track.

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