FMP/FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION - An Edition of Improvised Music 2010


FMP CD 136



Günter Christmann-Mats Gustafsson-Paul Lovens

Günter Christmann-cello, trombone;
Mats Gustafsson-soprano & baritone saxophone, fluteophone;
Paul Lovens-percussion

Recorded in concert by Hrolfur Vagnsson on December 2nd, 1994 at Kesselhaus in Hannover.
Mixed by Alexander Frangenheim. Mastered by Jonas Bergler. Produced by Jost Gebers

Liner notes: Elke Schipper. Translation: Isabel Seeberg & Paul Lytton

1 something more – 4:33
2 something more – 5:29
3 something more – 6:31
4 something more – 8:01
5 something more – 5:59
6 something more – 7:31
7 something more – 8:01
8 enough is not enough – 9:02

All music by Christmann-Gustafsson-Lovens
The pieces on this CD are in the same order as played at the concert.

BOOKLET: Photographs by Günter Christmann (outside) and Sven Boija (inside).
Layout by Jost Gebers

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Unter der Bestellnummer FMP CD 136 sollte ursprünglich die Produktion
Andrew Cyrille meets Brötzmann in Berlin…plus erscheinen.
Diese inzwischen fertig gestellte Produktion kann aufgrund teilweise absurder und
nicht nachvollziehbarer Vorstellungen des Anwalts eines der beteiligten Musiker
nicht veröffentlicht werden!

The production Andrew Cyrille meets Brötzmann in Berlin…plus was originally
supposed to be released as FMP CD 136.
This production, completed in the meantime, cannot be published due to the partly
absurd and incomprehensible ideas of the lawyer of one of the musicians involved.

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