FMP-RECORDS (FMP-Numbers) 1969 - 1991

FMP 0070
Peter Kowald Quintet
Peter Kowald Quintet
Cover: 1st Edition
FMP 0070
Peter Kowald Quintet
Peter Kowald Quintet
Cover: 2nd & 3rd Edition
Peter Kowald Quintet

Peter van de Locht-alto saxophone;
Günter Christmann-trombone;
Paul Rutherford-trombone;
Peter Kowald-double bass, tuba, alphorn;
Paul Lovens-percussion

Recorded live by Eberhard Sengpiel on January 13th,1972
at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.
Supervision by Jost Gebers.
Produced by Peter Kowald.

SIDE A: 1 Platte talloere (13:08)
             2 Wenn wir Kehlkopfoperierte uns unterhalten (7:09)
SIDE B: 1 Pavement bolognaise (14:01)
             2 Guete Luuni (2:38)
All compositions by Peter Kowald.

COVER: For the cover Kowald asked some of his friends to design a part of it
(10 on 7.5 cm each, by the way none of them a musician).
They are from left top to right bottom:
Heiko Hösterey, Tomas Schmit, Wulf Teichmann, Gerd Hanebeck,
Krista Brötzmann, Winfried Gaul, Paul Miron, Toon Lem, Danny,
Geges Margull, Peter Paulus, Dietrich Maus.
Layout by Peter Kowald. Photographs by unknown photographers.
REMARK: LP reissue by Cien Fuegos (CF015) in 2016
REMARK: 2020 CD reissue by CVSD (CVSDCD070)

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