FMP-RECORDS (FMP-Numbers) 1969 - 1991

FMP 0840/50
but hardly touched


Peter Brötzmann-E-flat clarinet, tarogato,
alto, tenor & baritone saxophone;
Harry Miller-double bass;
Louis Moholo-drums

Recorded live by Jost Gebers on November 5th & 6th,1980
at the Flöz in Berlin. Mixed by Jost Gebers.
Produced by Peter Brötzmann and Jost Gebers.

SIDE A: 1 Eine kleine Nachtmarie (12:41)
             2 Trotzdem und dennoch (9:28)
SIDE B: 1 Special request for Malibu (22:20)
SIDE C: 1 Opened, but hardly touched (21:08)
SIDE D: 1 Double meaning (22:32)
All compositions by Brötzmann/Miller/Moholo

COVER: Design by Peter Brötzmann. Photographs by Hans Reichel.
REMARK: All Music Guide: 3 Stars
REMARK: LP reissue by Cien Fuegos (CF010)

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