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FMP 1120
Berlin Djungle
Brötzmann Clarinet Project

Brötzmann Clarinet Project

Toshinori Kondo-trumpet;
Hannes Bauer-trombone;
Alan Tomlinson-trombone;
Peter Brötzmann-clarinet, tenor saxophone, tarogato;
Tony Coe-clarinet;
J.D. Parran-clarinet;
Louis Sclavis-clarinet, bass clarinet;
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky-clarinet;
John Zorn-clarinet, mouthpieces;
William Parker-double bass;
Tony Oxley-drums

Recorded live during the JazzFest Berlin on November 4th,1984
at the Delphi Theater. Recording staff: Wolfgang Gottschalk,
Michael Redlich, Bernd Jonder, Barbara Rüger.
Produced by Peter Brötzmann and Jost Gebers.

SIDE A: What a day - Part 1(24:37)
SIDE B: What a day - Part 2 (23:15)
Composition by Peter Brötzmann.

COVER: Artwork, photographs and design by Peter Brötzmann.
REMARK: All Music Guide: 3 Stars
REMARK: Reissued on CD by Atavistic (UMS/ALP246CD)

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