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Example (MP3) Track # B6
Donkey Roast (1:12) by Peter Brötzmann

FMP 1150
Brötzmann/Harth Duo

Brötzmann/Harth Duo

Peter Brötzmann-tenor & baritone saxophone, tarogato;
Alfred 23 Harth-alto & tenor saxophone

Recorded by Jost Gebers on January 31st & February 1st,1987
at the FMP-Studio in Berlin.
Mixed and edited by Jost Gebers and Peter Brötzmann.
Produced by Peter Brötzmann, Alfred 23 Harth and Jost Gebers.

SIDE A: 1 Motivational research (Harth) 4:36
             2 From hell to breakfast (Brötzmann) 2:13
             3 Fettfleck auf weiss (Harth) 1:02
             4 Theory of heat (Harth) 2:21
             5 Git up and git (Brötzmann) 1:46
             6 Disformale Studien (Harth) 3:03
             7 Go-No-Go (Brötzmann) 6:12
SIDE B: 1 Les gens nus entre les jambes (Brötzmann) 6:56
             2 Copper sex (Harth) 3:36
             3 Das Bett zersplittert am Bein (Harth) 1:47
             4 Old felt hat (Harth) 2:40
             5 That's the way the owls hoot (Brötzmann) 3:11
             6 Donkey roast (Brötzmann) 1:12

COVER: Artwork and design by Peter Brötzmann.
REMARK: Go-No-Go: pertaining to that moment in a missile launching
when the operation must either be cancelled or allowed to continue towards
completion without the possibility of cancellation. Aerospace use.
REMARK: All Music Guide: 3 Stars

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