FMP S-SERIES (S-numbers) 1981-1991

FMP S-18 (LP/12inch)
Das neue Usel
Uschi Brüning
& Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky

Uschi Brüning & Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky

Uschi Brüning-voice;
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky-alto & baritone saxophone, clarinet, flutes, voice

Recorded live by Jost Gebers during the Just Music concert series
on June 14th & 15th,1986 at the FMP-studio in Berlin.
Produced by Uschi Brüning & Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky.

SIDE A: 1 To welcome the day (Coleman; lyrics: Margo Guryan) 6:11
             2 Wilhelminenhofer Miniatur (Petrowsky) 2:36
             3 Forerunner folktale (Coleman) 4:47
             4 Tournee-Skizzen (Petrowsky) 1:28
             5 Der Bumerang (Petrowsky) 2:44
             6 Bohnsdorfer Holz (Petrowsky) 2:52
SIDE B: 1 Das Neue Usel (Petrowsky) 6:50
             2 Kontraste (Petrowsky) 3:20
             3 a: Via Chantenay Villedieu (Petrowsky)
                b: Sommerblumen (Traditional) Total time: 5:07
             4 Beauty is a rare thing (Coleman) 3:50

COVER: Design by Wolf Walt. Photographs by Dagmar Gebers.

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