FMP-RECORDS (SAJ-Numbers) 1974 - 1991

Live in Berlin
Willem Breuker Kollektief

Willem Breuker Kollektief

Willem Breuker-saxophones & clarinets;
Bob Driessen-alto saxophone;
Maarten van Norden-tenor saxophone;
Ronald Snijders-flute;
Boy Raaijmakers-trumpet;
Willem van Manen-trombone;
Bernhard Hunnekink-trombone;
Jan Wolff-frenchhorn;
Leo Cuypers-piano;
Arjen Gorter-double bass;
Rob Verdurmen-drums

Recorded live by Jost Gebers on November 5th,1975 during
the Total Music Meeting at the Quartier Latin in Berlin.
Produced by BVHaast and Free Music Production.

SIDE A: 1a Introduction (1:17)
             1b Oratorium ([from La Plagiata] (18:18)
             2   Jan de Wit [from La Plagiata] (8:24)
SIDE B: 1   Jalousie-Song [from La Plagiata] (5:56)
             2   Jail-Music [from La Plagiata] (9:57)
             3   Remeeting [from Anthology] (7:25)
             4   Our day will come (5:14)
All compositions and arrangements by Willem Breuker,
except "Our day will come". This song is composed by Bob Hilliard.

1a Wolff; 1b Breuker, Snijders, Driessen, van Manen;
2 van Norden, Cuypers
1 van Manen; 2 Raaijmakers, Gorter, Verdurmen;
3 Hunnekink, Snijders; 4 Breuker

COVER: Design by Jost Gebers. Photograph by Landesbildstelle Berlin.
REMARK: Released in conjunction with BVHaast
REMARK: Penguin Guide to Jazz: 4 Stars. All Music Guide: 3 Stars

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