FMP-RECORDS (SAJ-Numbers) 1974 - 1991


Das Saxophonorchester Frankfurt

Alfred Harth-alto saxophone, bass clarinet;
Chris Becker-tenor saxophone;
Clemens Böhlen-alto saxophone;
Thomas Conrad-alto saxophone;
Max Eipp-tenor saxophone;
Angela Federspiel-alto saxophone;
Rudi Federspiel-tenor saxophone;
Petra Fehrmann-clarinet, alto saxophone;
Marlies Gebhard-alto saxophone;
Gerhard Gugel-alto saxophone;
Michael Kloss-tenor saxophone;
Renate Kosanke-tenor saxophone;
Walter Krämer-tenor saxophone;
Manfred Lieske-clarinet, bass clarinet;
Horst Luley-tenor saxophone;
Walther Neu-alto saxophone;
Florian Nikel-alto saxophone;
Ole Schmidt-alto saxophone;
Andrea Schmitthenner-tenor saxophone;
Robert Soprun-alto saxophone;
Franziska Valenti-clarinet, alto saxophone

Recorded live by Jost Gebers on March 27th & 28th,1982
at the Flöz in Berlin.
Mixed and produced by Jost Gebers.

SIDE A: 1   Opening (Harth) 3:05
             2   220 Volt (Harth) 3:32
             3   Themen für Orpheus (Harth) 3:09
             4   Marsch II (Harth) 1:39
             5   Naima (John Coltrane, arr. Harth) 2:55
             6   St. Balrohns Tag (Harth) 5:44
             7a Halloween fantasies (Niehaus) 0:47
             7b Tokaj (Brand) 1:02
SIDE B: 1a Harth Rock (Harth) 1:46
             1b Steaming (Breuker) 1:33
             1c Harth Rock (Harth) 1:50
             2   Unisono (Goebbels) 4:43
             3   Tune up (Miles Davis, arr. Harth) 1:25
             4   Giant steps (John Coltrane, arr. Harth) 0:38
             5   Recycling (Harth) 1:52
             6   Sofa (Frank Zappa) 3:23
             7   110 Volt (Harth) 2:43
             8   Ending (Luley) 0:44

A2: Ole Schmidt, Alfred Harth;
A6: Manfred Lieske;
B3: Michael Kloss;
B5: Alfred Harth, Rudi Federspiel;
B7: Rudi Federspiel

COVER: Design by the orchestra. Photographs by Dagmar Gebers.
REMARK: The orchestra consists of printress, teacher, unemployed people, pupils,
goldsmith, sociologists, geographer, poet, which all began to learn an instrument,
namely the saxophone, not before the third decade of their lives.
They all learned it from Alfred Harth, who founded the orchestra with them in 1980.

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