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Cecil Taylor with…

CONCRETE: Cecil Taylor with…

1) Reinforced Concrete (Part 1) Extract /Cecil Taylor ( 8:10)
Cecil Taylor
Cecil Taylor-piano, voice
from FMP CD 13/14 In East Berlin
2) Riobec 4 /Taylor-Sommer ( 5:03)
Cecil Taylor & Günter Sommer
Cecil Taylor-piano;
Günter Sommer-drums
from FMP CD 2 Riobec
3) Stone /Cecil Taylor ( 1:03)
Cecil Taylor & Louis Moholo
Cecil Taylor-piano;
Louis Moholo-drums
from FMP CD 4 Remembrance
4) Chimes /Cecil Taylor ( 2:40)
Cecil Taylor & Tony Oxley
Cecil Taylor-piano;
Tony Oxley-drums
from FMP CD 6 Leaf Palm Hand
5) The Old Canal /Cecil Taylor ( 2:08)
Cecil Taylor & Tony Oxley
Cecil Taylor-piano;
Tony Oxley-drums
from FMP CD 6 Leaf Palm Hand
6) LOOKING(Berlin Version)THE FEEL TRIO (2.Part) /Cecil Taylor ( 5:08)
The Feel Trio
Cecil Taylor-piano;
William Parker-double bass;
Tony Oxley-drums
from FMP CD 25 Looking(Berlin Version)The Feel Trio
7) LOOKING(Berlin Version)CORONA ( 2.Movement) /Cecil Taylor ( 2:44)
Cecil Taylor-piano;
Harald Kimmig-violin;
Muneer Abdul Fataah-cello;
William Parker-double bass;
Tony Oxley-drums
from FMP CD 31 Looking(Berlin Version)Corona
8) Soul Activities-Willing /Cecil Taylor ( 11:18)
Cecil Taylor Dance Project
Cecil Taylor-piano
William Parker-double bass
Masashi Harada-percussion
previously unreleased *
9) Involution/Evolution /Cecil Taylor ( 22:42)
Cecil Taylor European Orchestra
Enrico Rava-trumpet, flugelhorn;
Tomasz Stanko-trumpet;
Hannes Bauer-trombone;
Christian Radovan-trombone;
Wolter Wierbos-trombone;
Peter van Bergen-tenor saxophone;
Peter Brötzmann-alto & tenor saxophone, tarogato;
Hans Koch-soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet;
Evan Parker-soprano & tenor saxophone;
Louis Sclavis-soprano saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet;
Martin Mayes-french horn;
Gunter Hampel-vibes;
Cecil Taylor-piano;
Tristan Honsinger-cello;
Peter Kowald-double bass;
William Parker-double bass;
Han Bennink-drums
from FMP CD 8/9 Alms/Tiergarten(Spree)
10) Always a Pleasure: Fifth Pleasure /Cecil Taylor ( 6:06)
Cecil Taylor Ensemble
Cecil Taylor-piano;
Tristan Honsinger-cello;
Sirone-double bass;
Rashid Bakr-drums
previously unreleased **
11) Double Holy House: Squash People /Cecil Taylor ( 6:35)
Cecil Taylor
Cecil Taylor-piano, percussion, voice
from FMP CD 55 Double Holy House
12) LOOKING(Berlin Version)SOLO 6.& 7.Section /Cecil Taylor ( 4:56)
Cecil Taylor
Cecil Taylor-piano
from FMP CD 28 Looking(Berlin Version)Solo

* Recorded live by Manfred Hoffmann on July 8th,1990 during SummerMusic
at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.
** Recorded live by Holger Scheuermann & Jost Gebers on April 8th,1993 during
the Workshop Freie Musik at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.
Mixed and mastered by Jonas Bergler.

Produced by Jost Gebers and Musica Jazz.

BOOKLET: Layout by Musica Jazz. Photo by Paola Bensi.
REMARK: Released in conjunction with MUSICA JAZZ No 1 / 1998