FMP-RECORDS (SAJ-Numbers) 1974 - 1991


Alexander von Schlippenbach


The enclosed arrangements were written in spring 1980 in response to a commission from RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana). This broadcasting company puts its Studio Big-Band at the disposal of composers and arrangers to work with selected additional soloists through the creative efforts of Pasquale Santoli and Filippo Bianchi. Thus, amongst others, a Thelonious Monk-Workshop came into being back in 1978 for which I wrote the arrangements. Soloists were Evan Parker, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Bruno Tommaso and Paul Lovens. The experiences made then were of great use for the Jelly Roll Morton Project which was to follow two years later. This time Gerd Dudek and Bob Stewart were the soloists and Bruno Tommaso and Paul Lovens again made up the rhythm section.

With Mortons music I had far bigger problems than with Monk, with whose music I practically grew up. I have never played Oldtime Jazz and my love for Jelly Roll is one to someone far away. In spite of this my endeavour to give this music a new dimension through a particular orchestral instrumentation, whereby harmonically and formally I have kept strictly to the original. I worked hardest at controlling the voicing, whereby above all I wanted to reflect the richness of movement of the "rolling lines" inside the sections.

If the spirit of the music is conveyed at all successfully, than I must thank the soloists Gerd Dudek, Bob Stewart, Bruno Tommaso and Paul Lovens as well as the RAI Orchestra, especially Cicci Santucci and Teobaldo Maestri, who helped me with the rehearsals for my work in an exceptional way.

Translation: Wulf Teichmann

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